Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quasar Models Photoshoot

Hi beauties:

I was contacted by the founder of Quasar Models (Cayman Islands) to do makeup for a photoshoot. Without hesitating, I agreed to the job until I found out that it was an early morning shoot. (EPIC FAIL). It was a 5am start. Hmmph! I instantly wanted to say no and hang up the phone but because I agreed to the shoot 2 seconds before that, I couldn't go back on my word so I left it at that......

Waking up that morning was VERY hard but at the end of it all, I was extremely happy that I agreed because it was really awesome to be amidst such great local talent. There were 8 beautiful models, 4 photographers and another talented makeup artist on board.

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Here are a few pics to show you what the morning looked like.

Cassi the Founder of Quasar Models (Cayman Islands)

Behind the scenes

Bonnie B doing her thing. This little lady is so fierce behind the camera

Captivating Tori


Lily Seymour said...

You had a lot of models to prepare! Where you the only MUA on the set? I think you did a good job, congratulations.

Shades Professional Makeup said...

Lily, no I was not the only makeup artist. There was someone else also.

Sher said...

gorgeous looks!

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