Thursday, May 28, 2009

SHADES partners with "Simply Weddings"

Thursday, April 16, 2009 was an exciting day for Shades Professional Makeup. Simply Weddings ( agreed to allow Shades to provide bridal makeup services to their stay-over visitors to the island and introduced a bridal introductory special.
Shortly after the post was blogged, inquiries started flowing in and this beautiful bride was Shades' first bridal client from Simply Weddings.

Photography: Luis Vallecillo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yup, it's that time again when parents and guardians start thinking about the next step in their child's education.
To give another gift of "beauty", Shades Professional Makeup has introduced a Graduation Special. Take advantage of this special today!
Special ends on July 15, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Creations

Model: Samantha Widmer
Photographer: Luis Vallecillo

A truer statement has never been made that if you don't use it, you'll lose it so I try to keep on top on my "game" by creating different looks on my friends and just random people who I meet.

These are a few of my random creations.

Model: Me
Photographer: Angie G. Ford

Model: Haleemah Harling
Photographer: Bernardo Neri Jr.

Model: Danielle Robson
Photographer: Paul Aiken

Model: Damaris Castillo-Powery
Photographer: Luis Vallecillo

Models: Liz & Vanessa
Photographer: Paul Aiken

Model: Samantha Widmer
Photographer: Luis Vallecillo

Spring Flowers

As a makeup artist, one must often keep an eye out for fresh, new faces and be ready to create a look that compliments the faces.

I found this young lady on Model Mayhem and asked her if she'd be interested in doing a shoot with me. Within 5 minutes, she responded to my email agreeing that she'd be interested.

Standing at about 5ft 2in, this green-eyed beauty had absolutely no idea what the shoot was all about but she was up for it either way. I'm not particularly interested in nude photoshoots but if it's tastefully done, I will "risk" it.

The idea for this shoot was to collect fresh bouganvilla flowers and cover the model's body (yes she was completely nude)........well at least all the areas that I didn't want exposed. After explaining to the model that she'd be lying nude, she became a bit hesitant but I somehow persuaded to do the shoot because she wouldn't be exposed.

After convincing her to do the shoot, her next question was, "will the photographer be male or female?" Because I knew that this would be an "uncomfortable" photoshoot, I requested a female photographer to assist me and she did an excellent job.

Model: SaraSue Scott
Photographer: Yvette McField (

Swamp Fashion ?!?!

When beauty, creativity and awesome talent clash, there's often an explosion of fabulous art and that was exactly the case here.

I have been dreaming of the day when I would get the opportunity to work with this model, Treveen Stewart (international model), and that day came unexpectedly. I contacted Treveen through Facebook (which apparently seems to be the way to communicate nowadays) about a photoshoot and she was available. YAY!! She was FINALLY free to do this shoot with me. Because this was the chance of a lifetime, I had to brainstorm the perfect look, the perfect makeup and the perfect location for the shoot AND contact the most brilliant and talented photographers on island, to help me with this project. Luckily for me, both photographers also shared the same "dream".

After mentally exhausting myself, I decided that I wanted to shoot in an unusual setting.........the swamp. Yes, that's right, the swamp! I contacted Treveen and she was fine with the setting so we did it!!!

It was a 2 1/2 hour shoot and it turned out fabulous!

Model: Treveen Stewart
Photographers: Paul Aiken & Bernardo Neri Jr.

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