Born on the very tiny island of Grand Cayman (Caribbean) thirty something years ago, I was always interested in and inspired by bright, bold, beautiful colors, designs, patterns, textures and shapes. Growing up in a family of musicians and artists, it was my destiny to follow the same path.

Although an Accountant by profession, my natural passion lies in the "art world". The art world has no boundaries and that's why I enjoy it as much as I do, along with the freedom of self expression. Think about it, EARTH without ART is just EH!!

Makeup artistry is just one small avenue for me to express myself. Makeup tranforms faces, attitudes and views. This art form allows me to share my vision and concepts. Not only do I love makeup but fashion styling  and designing are like food to me and I'm quite the foodie ;).

I created this blog to help keep my creativity alive, meet new people who share the same passions, learn new tricks of the trade and just enjoy the journey. This blog is not only about outward beauty, but also about encouraging others to confidently believe that true beauty comes from within.

Everything shared on this blog is my own personal opinion and the way I do and see things. My methods are by no means the standard for others to follow but I do appreciate those who choose to follow.

**THANK YOU for visiting and following my blog and for tagging along with me on this journey**


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