Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hi beauties:

I'm a few days late in posting this but I was busy celebrating a part of my heritage. Although I was not born in Jamaica, I have Jamaican blood running through my veins and I graciously embrace that part of my heritage.

On August 6, 1962 Jamaica became an independent nation from Great Britain. Fifty years later (2012), they're celebrating their hardships, battles and accomplishments.

Jamaica is a BEAUTIFUL Caribbean island just 45 mins (flight) from the Cayman Islands where I was born. It is known for it's rich culture/history, the uniqueness of its people and called the land of wood and water. If you have never been to Jamaica, you are missing out!!

Before the actual day (Aug 6), I knew that I wanted to dedicate a makeup look or do something special to mark this memorable day so here's what I did.

Hope you like it!

I posted this look on Facebook and within 15 mins of posting, this picture was 'Liked' over 300 times :) and shared about 50+ times even by persons unknown to me.
  Surprisingly, creating this look did not take very long and I kinda just went with the flow. And yes, it is all eyeshadow....not face paint.

I wore this look to a special celebration at church in the evening. It wasn't a regular church service (which I would never wear such a bold makeup look) to commemorate this special day.

This is just a collage I put together.

Since I've posted this makeup look on FB, I've had so many requests to create looks for other countries' independence day but we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

D-I-Y Hi-Lo Maxi Dress

Hi beauties:

Today's post is completely different than any other post I've ever done. I wanted to share a bit of my creative energy with you. I am a finance professional which explains all the reasons I need to find ways to keep my creative energy alive!

This season is all about the 'hi-lo' look. Everywhere you look there's a hi-low dress, shirt/blouse, skirt and so I was inspired to create my own hi-low maxi dress.

Remember when floor-sweeping maxi dresses were the hottest thing around and so you went out and bought loads? Well do you still wear them? If not, don't throw them out. Get creative and re-vamp them.

C'mon, I'll show you how.

Tools of the trade ;)
A pair of scissors and a white pencil

You'll definitely need a maxi dress
This is a simple smock top maxi

Maxi before

STEP 1: Fold the dress in half in the opposite direction
STEP 2: Mark the dress where you want to cut the hi-low style
STEP 3: Cut along the dotted line

Ta da! Maxi after
Pretty simple huh?

There we go!
Simple and cute!

So go on! Get creative and let me see your style!

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