Sunday, April 20, 2014

MY STYLE: Spotted with Love (Red)

HAPPY EASTER!!!! Jesus Christ is risen. It is Easter Sunday and like many people, I went to church today (as I usually do). How did you spend your Easter Sunday?

You know how much I absolutely love full, flared skirts. I first debuted this custom-made skirt in this post for Valentine's Day. I only ever wear dresses or skirts to church because 1- that's how I was raised and 2- somehow (maybe because of point 1), it feels rather odd wearing pants to church. 

I love how this skirt flows. I really do. It is actually the most voluminous skirt I own.

Photos by SS

Outfit Details::

Blazer- H&M | Tank-Local boutique | Skirt- Custom-made | Heels- Anne Michelle | Sunnies- Tom Ford

Saturday, April 19, 2014

MY STYLE: Spring Brights (Purple Maxi Skirt + Green Blouse)

HAPPY EASTER lovies! Hope you're enjoying the 3-4 day weekend and making the very best of it. Here in the Cayman Islands, we have a 4-day weekend so I am living it up! In another post, I'll probably share a few pictures of how it was spent. It's  Caymanian tradition to camp (literally pitch tents) in various places around the island, but mainly on beaches during the Easter break but errr, that's not for me. Tonight is also the launch party for the 4th annual Cayman Islands Fashion Week so there's an exciting week ahead.

Enough about the weekend, let's get on to the outfit. I was completely overjoyed when I recently found this pleated, purple maxi skirt. When I first saw it on Blaire (Atlantic Pacific) and Folake (Style Pantry), I just knew that I wanted the same shade of purple. I even went as far as purchasing chiffon fabric to attempt making the skirt myself which was a fail (Mimi G to the rescue!!) At any rate, here I am, almost a year later in this maxi skirt. The colour combination was another inspiration from StylePantry. Btw, it was a 'one size fits all' fit but in the world of size 00, 0, XS, S, one size does NOT always fit all so I had to adjust the waist.

Style Pantry- Purple Maxi Skirt- Green Blouse

 Photos by SS

Blouse- Express | Skirt- Here (LOVE this) | Heels- Here | Necklace- Local boutique  | Sunnies- Tom Ford

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FASHION FEATURE: Fashion Bombshell of the Day!!

Yay me! Today I was featured as the 'Fashion Bombshell of the Day' on Fashion Bomb Daily (see feature here). I don't consider my style to be one that leaves an entire country raving but today, I was featured on this well-known, multicultural fashion blog and this is one of the many reasons I maintain this blog and continue to share my personal style with you.

To be considered as a Fashion Bombshell, visit their website for more information here

Monday, April 14, 2014

INSPIRED STYLE: Simply Striped

From time to time, some of my favourite fashion/ style bloggers will post looks that send me dashing to my closet to throw something together to re-create their look, adding my own spin of course. This isn't to say that I run out of ideas but simply that these bloggers and I share the same or similar wardrobe pieces. When I saw Sindy's Post- Red Alert, I quickly grabbed for my striped blazer and ran out the door for a quick shoot. Sindy and I have never officially met in person but somehow, we have gravitated towards each other and cheer each other on as if we've known each other forever. The power of technology can be such a beautiful thing sometimes. 

Thanks for the look Sindy. You added more pops of red to your outfit but I left it at the shoes :)

Photos by SS

Outfit Details
Blazer- H&M (sold out) | Wide leg jeans- Old | Heels- Anne Michelle via GoJane (sold out) | Sunnie- Tom Ford

Thursday, April 10, 2014

MY STYLE: Fearfully Bold

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will W. Clement Stone
If you've been following my blog for some time, you will know that 1- I do not wear shorts, 2- I rarely post any outfit wearing anything above my knees and 3- I'm overly conscious of my legs (see why here).

We're an imperfect people with flaws and imperfections and that's exactly what makes us individually unique. I am not necessarily fearful of my physique as much as I am body-conscious, but today, I stepped well outside my comfort zone and wore shorts even if it were only for pictures. Talk about conquering fear! Ok, maybe I haven't conquered the 'fear' but sharing my pictures in an international forum is quite a bold step.

liked loved how the pictures came out. Now I'm not promising that I will ever wear shorts out in public but I may experiment in another blogpost so stay tuned.....

Photos by SS

Outfit Details

Blazer- H&M (Similar here) | Tank- H&M | Shorts via GoJane (sold out) | Heels- Steve Madden (Sold out) | 
Sunnies- Tom Ford | Necklace- Local Boutique

Sunday, April 6, 2014

MY STYLE: Neon Spring

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything
- William Shakespare

April is a beautiful month because it births beautiful things, new beginnings and a new season- Spring. Spring (or any other season besides Summer) does not exist in the Caribbean where I live, but I can always pretend right? Not only is April a beautiful month because of Spring, but it's a beautiful month because it's my birth month ;)......and if you're wondering, I'll be mid-30 something. x_x. Time sure does fly.

So, on to the outfit. How are these multi colored neon pants? Aren't they funky and fresh? When I saw them, I knew that I'd be able to pair them with just about anything because of the abundance of colours. I've had these pants for a few months now and finally decided to do something with them today.

Blazer- H&M (sold out) Similar here | Tank- H&M | Pants via UrbanOg (sold out) | Heels - Here | Sunnies- Tom Ford

Photos by SS

Saturday, March 8, 2014

MY STYLE: Pardon Moi

Statement sweatshirts were a big fashion hit last Fall. Although my post is late, it couldn't be more timely. I ordered this sweatshirt from ASOS in October or November of last year and somewhere along the way, the shipment got lost so needless to say, I was in endless email conversations with the company trying to locate my package. After the lengthy back and forth of numerous emails, my package finally arrived just in time for this post. The French term 'Pardon Moi' which means "Excuse Me" in English, is my statement to you my amazing followers for remaining so patient with me while I am inactive on this blog. I do miss blogging but unfortunately I am unable to remain active at the moment. THANK YOU so much for your understanding and continued support.

Olivia X

ASOS Sweatshirt- Sold Out | Jeans- Similar here | Heels- Similar here | Necklace- UrbanOg | Bracelets and Ring- Local Boutique

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