Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Defined how-to

Hi beauties:

I'm sure that if you have locs and are ceative with your locs, you have seen many Youtube videos or photos of loc'd pipe cleaner curls. Well this post is no different.

Pipe cleaners are the most cost-effective and efficient way of curling locs as they can be purchased from any art & craft store for $3 or less. I purchased 2 packs of 50 and use just about all of them to curl my locs.

Here's a step-by-step pictorial of how I curl my locs using pipe cleaners. If you've curled your locs using pipe cleaners, leave me a comment with a link to your Youtube page or blog post about your curls.

Step 1: Wash hair (or have damp hair)

Step 2: (Optional)
Add product to your hair. I grease my scalp with Dax Kocatah Coconut Oil & Tar Oil mixed with Argan Oil (below) or Black Jamaican Castor Oil

I also spray on the Hask Placenta Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner

Step 3: After massaging all products in my hair, I start 2 strand wrapping my locs are the pipe cleaners

Step 4: Wrapped all locs on pipe cleaners and leave in until hair dries completely (usually overnight)

Step 5: Pull out pipe cleaners

Step 6: Separate curls and style as desired

View from the back. Nice tight curls :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Out of the Blue.....get dressed with me

Hi beauties:

I've never actually done a post like this before but I gotta keep it creative ya know!

This past Sunday, friends and family gathered together to witness the union of two beautiful people, my cousin (the groom) and his very humble, kind and loving wife. Whenever there is an event concerning any of my family members, the entire family shows up and that is one of the many things that I love about my family.
The wedding colours were fuchsia and baby blue so my aunt (groom's mother) requested that everyone wear something blue. It was a simple yet intimate garden wedding and although the sun was unmerciful, everything turned out beautiful.....including the bride's makeup ;)

I wore an off-the-shoulder, one-sleeved shift dress with waves of a variation of blues and accented with blue accessories. Normally I would throw another colour in the mix but I wanted to keep my outfit simple. Afterall, this momentous occasion was not about me.

My necklace
Purchased from a local boutique

My ring
Purchased from a local boutique

The necklace around my neck

Waves of blue in my dress 
Purchased from a local boutique

My blue suede key-hole pumps
Purchased online. See blog post on these shoes here

My makeup look for the wedding

The whole ensemble

Comment on this post if you want to see how I achieved my super curly hair (locs)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blue Iris wins the Diva Dash 2012

Hi beauties:

I'm back with another shoe post. Who doesn't love shoe posts? :)

Last evening after work, I decided to go to a fund-raiser for a non-profit organisation event called the Diva Dash. I'm not certain if this is the first year that this event was held but it was surely a great event and I'm already looking forward to next year's event.

There were several ways in which divas could win awesome chic prizes which included spa therapy at the luxurious Ritz Carlton, Cayman Islands, CI$500 cash (US$625), a 32G Blackberry Playbook, gift certificates to various island boutiques and the list goes on and on.

I had no intention to enter the heels race (yes, divas had to run down the track in heels--what a scare), neither did I wear heels to a heels event. How unlike me. At any rate, I was about 500ft from one of my favourite shoe stores in Grand Cayman, Soles by NKY and decided to do a quick walk through. That quick walk through ended up being a not so quick walk through and to top it off, there was a one-day-only 10% discount off on all heels. I really couldn't resist. *tears*.....I found a super cute pair of colour block heels by Jessica Simpson and off I went.

I went back to the event and after all the races and ticket raffles, I heard an announcement for ladies to enter for "best heels".....well I was feeling quite fierce and confident in my heels so I entered. I must say, there was some stiff competition but I was not gonna back down. After the judges deliberated, all of a sudden the spotlight was on me and yes, I won best heels....and with the title of "best heels" came the 32GB Blackberry Playbook :) :).......I did a happy dance and the rest was history.

Ok, ok enough chatter, I know that you're dying to see the winning heels........

BLUE IRIS by Jessica Simpson (US$99)

Look at those babies! Aren't they a beauty?

Yup, that's me posing with the Blackberry Playbook

Wish there were a close up of my handbag too

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pro Wedding Pics......something borrowed, something blue

Hi beauties:

I'm just here to share a quick post of professional pics from the wedding that I did makeup for on June 23, 2012 (see original post here).

Although I did not attend the ceremony, just viewing the pics makes me feel like I was actually there sharing in the bliss of such a beautiful occasion.

Photography by Tracey Seymour (TAS Photography, Cayman Islands)

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