Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Body Conscious....

As women, we are all conscious about our bodies. Regardless if the world looks on and think we have the most gorgeous body ever, because we are our own worst critics, we find something that we'd much rather hide away. For me, it's my entire body. Yes, I said my entire body. In previous posts, I have shared a little about why I am so overly conscious about my stature. Many people think it's because I despise food and don't eat enough why I'm so tiny, but the truth is that I am quite the foodie. I am simply genetically tiny. While that is the envy of many, for me, it's a daily 'struggle'. 

As an island child who loves the sea, sand, sun, fun and boating, this was the first time that I felt completely free and fearless about my body. I strutted around the boat in my bikini and felt liberated. I felt free to be me. Even bolder than that, I posted an entire album of photos on my FB page for the world to see. Can we say LIBERATION?!?

This past weekend was a great weekend. My girlfriend organised a boat trip for her thirty-something'th birthday. Although I am EXTREMELY paranoid about party boats and was very hesitant about joining her, it was too gorgeous of a day not to go out on the water. After much considering and coaxing by my friends, I went on the boat and had an amazing day. *whew*

Isn't the water just so stunning? #ILiveWhereYouVacation

It's always Summer here in the Cayman Islands so chances are, you'll see more bikini/ beach/ boating posts.


Natasha Bernard said...

Work it out O. Yes, we should embrace out bodies indeed. You look fabulous! Looks like you are living it up over there in Cayman!

Tina said...

Girl I think your body is amazingly beautiful. But I know what you mean about being tiny and self conscious about it. In person you are very small but your physique is well proportioned. You are petite if anything. I think your curves flow very well with your size and many people would envy you like you said.

BUT I know exactly what you mean!!! Hahahhahahaaa! From one tall slim ting to a small slim ting I feel ya! Love ya!

Milka Ndaani said...

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Go GIRL!!!

Shades Professional Makeup said...

Thanks hun. Hope to see you again in the near future. X

Shades Professional Makeup said...

Blessings. Thank you. X

Shades Professional Makeup said...

Im such a water baby/ beach bum.....especially during the summer.

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