Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MY STYLE: Chains in White

It's Summer and the sun is by no means forgiving. The days are steaming hot and if you saw my post about my summer styling essentials, then you would know that I am all about trying to stay as cool as possible this season. Apart from remaining indoors the entire season which is virtually impossible, dressing in airy, lightweight pieces would be the next best way to combat the high temperatures. 

I love t-back or racer back tops and this one was even more intriguing because of the gold chains and flirty high-low detail. When I saw the top in one of my local boutiques, I automatically thought I'd pair it with a white bottom. I'm not sure why no other color came to mind but perhaps I may pair it with a colored bottom for another post.

White has always been a classic in my eyes. I often struggle in my decision to purchase something in black or white (depending on what it is).  White is so clean, crisp and automatically gives a sense of cool and calm when worn, no matter how hot it may be outdoor.

Photos by SS


Sarah Enuwa Audu said...

White is the perfect colour for summer and I love the racer back of this top, the chain detail is perfect.

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