Monday, September 15, 2014

MY STYLE: Yellow Diamonds

Happy Monday loves! Kicking off the Monday with yellow diamonds. If I were to make a list of my top 5 favourite stores to shop, H&M would rank high on that list. Their items are not only affordable but diverse. At any given point you can find items to dress up or dress down and these diamond print, sateen pants are one of those items. Although they've been sitting in my closet unworn for quite some time, I finally found a simple top to pair them with. These pants make a statement and I didn't want to kill the outfit with a fussy top so a simple, light pull over did the trick.

Let's talk about this backdrop though. If you have visited my island, Grand Cayman, then you know that we are a clean, serene little piece of paradise. Graffiti walls and artistic, public wall murals are something that is very new. My photographer who is also an artist created his own wall (which I will share in full at another time) and before seeing it, I was hesitant to shoot against it because I wanted my outfit to stand out and not clash too much with the wall. To my surprise, the blues in his wall beautifully complimented my outfit.

Photos by SS

Outfit Details::
Top & Pants- H&M | Necklace- Local boutique | Heels- Steve Madden | Sunnies- Tom Ford


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