Thursday, April 10, 2014

MY STYLE: Fearfully Bold

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will W. Clement Stone
If you've been following my blog for some time, you will know that 1- I do not wear shorts, 2- I rarely post any outfit wearing anything above my knees and 3- I'm overly conscious of my legs (see why here).

We're an imperfect people with flaws and imperfections and that's exactly what makes us individually unique. I am not necessarily fearful of my physique as much as I am body-conscious, but today, I stepped well outside my comfort zone and wore shorts even if it were only for pictures. Talk about conquering fear! Ok, maybe I haven't conquered the 'fear' but sharing my pictures in an international forum is quite a bold step.

I loved how the pictures came out. Now I'm not promising that I will ever wear shorts out in public but I may experiment in another blogpost so stay tuned.....

Photos by SS

Outfit Details

Blazer- H&M (Similar here) | Tank- H&M | Shorts via GoJane (sold out) | Heels- Steve Madden (Sold out) | 
Sunnies- Tom Ford | Necklace- Local Boutique


Style in Couple said...

(1) Those colors look great on you, (2) the shorts are really cute (3) you look beautiful in shorts :)

Natasha Bernard said...

Girl!!! You better sport those legs. If I can show my cottage cheese legs...LOL. Surely you can sport yours. LOL. You look fabulous hun.Those heels are KILLER! That necklace is fabulous too. xoxo

That Little Southern Girl said...

Oh, my God. I practically wrote this same exact blog post on my blog, in January, I believe. Wearning darn near the same thing, a blazer and shorts. My readers hardly ever see me in shorts either. Not fond of my legs AT ALL. But you look great!

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