Monday, July 27, 2009

Makeup Artist of the month- July 2009

It's always great to be surprised from time to time. Ever so often, I will go back to my school's website just to check on updates and view other graduates' work and to my surprise, I came across the Makeup Artist of the month- yes, me!!!
I am HEX Makeup Artist's Makeup Artist of the month! Yay me!! :) I was also very pleased to find out that I received "mentor appreciation" from Marcia Rivera of South Carolina (see below). Thank you Marcia.
name = Marcia Rivera
city and state = Columbia, SC
comments = Just wanted to let you know that Georgette Bodden is an amazing person. I asked her for some advice on model/photographers networking. And she showed me the ropes. She was so helpful. Please recognize her.


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