Thursday, April 19, 2012

Interview: My daughter said....

Hi lovelies:

I'm back with another natural hair interview and this one is near and dear to me just because I am soooo in love with her hair.....she's a great sport and I was over the moon when she agreed to do the interview.



Me: How long have you been natural?
JG: 3 years and 3 months

Me: What inspired/motivated you to go natural?
JG: My daughter.  She wanted to relax her hair and I am trying to teach her to love who she is.  I want her to appreciate her beautiful curls.  One day she said to me "well you relaxed yours".  That did it.

Me: What were your biggest fears/ concerns (if any) about going natural?
JG: The transition from relaxed to natural. At first I didnt know if I should cut it all off or transition.


Me: Did you 'big chop' or transition?
JG: I elected to transition.

Me: If you transitioned, then how? (Weave, braids, wig, etc). If you big chopped, what motivated you?
JG: I started the process in the winter which helped.   I was able to use a flat iron to press out my curls and kept my hair straight for several months.  Every 3 months or so I would cut  some of the relaxed hair. 

                                        Flat ironed hair

Me: How do you maintain your natural hair/ what is your hair regimen (daily, weekly, monthly)?
JG: For me, conditioning is key. I deep condition my hair on a weekly basis. When I wash it I also use a leave in conditioner. There are some days I twist it and some days I don't. It depends and my mood and timing.

Me: Are you a memeber of any natural hair group? If so, which one(s)?
JG: Yes, I follow FB Natural Hair.       

Me: What is/ are your natural hair goal(s)?
JG: I want to grow my hair a bit more then find a fabulous cut which will show off my curls even more :)

Me: List 3-5 of your favorite natural hair products? How do you use them? (include frequency of use)
JG: I like the Mizani True Texture products and sometime I use Pantene's Natural products. To hold my curls I always use Curls Goddess Curls and Motions Foam Wrap.

Me: What type of feedback have you received since you went natural (transitioned or big chopped)? 
JG: Eveyone loves it. 

Me: How has your natural hair journey been since you went natural?
JG: I love it.  I feel more like myself, the person who I was meant to be. 

Until next time, be beautiful. Be naturally you!


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