Sunday, April 29, 2012

Here comes the...ehhh.....bride.....uh oh

Hi beauties:

I don't know about you but of all the various types of makeup that I do, wedding makeup has got to be the most heart-warming for me. Why? Because I get to be a part of one of the most important and memorable days for a woman, her wedding day.

This client, absolutely no stranger to me, mentioned that she was getting married in Jamaica. Of course, I gave her the face because I doubt that I would be able to go to Jamaica for her wedding. A few months later, I received an email from her inquiring about bridal makeup services. I did a little cart wheel! Plans had changed and Jamaica was no longer on the "list".

First there was the bridal makeup trial....then a second one.....then wedding dress dilemma on d-day! I thought the first makeup trial went well until the bride rang a few days later telling me that she had an allergic reaction to the makeup (this was 4 days before the wedding). Hmm, I had to quickly think of plan B. Plan B was pretty much to buy a completely different set of makeup and a new set of brushes. Oh for the love of my clients......

On d-day, all seemed to be going well until the bride got in her dress and what a GORGEOUS dress it was....then......the zip broke. Agh boi! *hand over eyes* To make a long story short, a seamstress was quickly called up to fix the zip, stitch the bride back in to her dress and send her on her merry way. I must say, the bride kept it together. I would've died.

Here comes the bride...


Bride AFTER (without lipstick)

Bride trying to get her zipper fixed


Here comes the bride....


Sharon said...

she looks beautiful,u did a wonderful job

Shades Professional Makeup said...

Thanks love....

CaribbeanBeauties said...

Great job! She looks stunning!

Keni said...

Groan...I was sooo tired that morning. That before pic was the worst of the day

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