Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty maids all in a row.....trial session

Hi beauties:

I am not sure if wedding season is the same where you come from but I have recently discovered that wedding season in the Cayman Islands is late November to the end of April. Weddings take place throughout the year but they are usually in full force between November and April (in my opinion) 

Since the beginning of the new year, I have done makeup for close to 10 weddings if not more. For the most part, I rarely get pictures of my work but for this bridal party trial, I ensured that I found time to take a few pictures.

This wedding is not expected to happen until late June however, the bride wanted to get her bride's maids' trial out of the way (and so did I).

All young and trendy ladies, the bride wanted her bride's maids to have bright, colourful eyes of fushia with a hint of teal, without seeming too OTT.

Before I share the pics with you, here's the look I wore to the ladies' trial.

And as are a few pictures of the ladies.

At a later date, I will share a post on the bride's trial.

Which do you like the best?


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