Friday, April 13, 2012

The Interview: TD on her "new hair"

Hey beauties:

Recently, a few of my friends decided that it was time to come off the "cremey crack" (so coined by my sister Nic as hair relaxer) and venture down the road of Natural Hair Bliss  (insert me doing cartwheels). So, today I'm going to share an interview that I did with one of my friends about her "new hair".

1- How long have you been natural?'s been about 7 months actually.

2- What inspired you to go natural?

One of my buddies - who is the owner of Shades Makeup...hint...hint...Lol...provided me with great advice on how I could transition from relaxed to natural hair. She was my inspiration as I was clueless about the entire hair process to transitioning to natural hair. She provided such great hair tips and even recommended excellent hair products to use to keep my hair healthy. Amazingly true to her craft:)!

3- What were your biggest fears/ concerns (if any) about going natural?

Honestly - I didn't know what to my hair was going to look. I've always had relaxed hair and this was a HUGE change for me. It was extremely scary. If I had to select one concern, it has to be my lack of knowledge in transitioning and maintaining natural hair.

4- Did you 'big chop' or transition?

Definitely transition...too chicken to do the 'big chop'...Lol:).

5- If you transitioned, then how? (Weave, braids, wig, etc)

Braids for sure:)! I'm really enjoying the number of options I could do to braid my hair. The hair styles are limitless.

6- How do you maintain your natural hair/ what is your hair regimen (daily, weekly, monthly)?

First, I wash my hair weekly using mostly natural/organic and herbal products. Second, I deep condition my hair every 2 weeks and apply a hot hair treatment at least once a month or more if needed. Third, I mix various oils together (e.g. jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, carrot tea-tree oil and coconut oil) and then apply the mixed oils to my shampooed hair...even apply it to my hair throughout the week when needed. It works for me...Lol.

7- Are you a memeber of any natural hair group? If so, which one(s)?

Sorry, I'm not a member of any natural hair group but I sometimes read hair blogs and visit youtube to view videos on hair tips etc. It's amazing to know that other ladies share similar experiences, so it's very encouraging to know that I'm not alone.

8- What is/ are your natural hair goal(s)?

I would REALLY LOVE to have healthy, thick, long hair. If I could comb my hair in a pony tail, I'm GOOOOOOOODDDDDD...Lol.

9- List 3-5 of your favorite natural hair products? How do you use them? (include frequency of use)

I absolutely love Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise, Organics Carrot Tea-Tree Oil Therapy, African Best Hair Spray for Braids, Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Shampoo and pure coconut oil.
10- What type of feedback have you received since you went natural (transitioned or big chopped)?

Despite a few negative remarks, I have a number of friends and family who are now natural and have no regrets. So when they discovered that I had transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, they were thrilled! Some are encouraging me to try out a new organic hair line sponsored by a young Caymanian. Others are excited about my trying to 'lock' my hair, while a few stated that I should continue braiding my hair because they LOVE how it looks on me. Honestly, I'm just enjoying the process and remaining patient to see how where it leads me.


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