Friday, May 4, 2012

The Interview- A different perspective

Hi beauties:

Today I'm back with another hair interview but this one is from a completely different perspective and hits home for me because it's about loc'd hair.

As you read through this interview, you will get a sense of who "LW" really is. She has such a beautiful, positive and vibrant spirit. I love this girl....

Let's get right into it.


Me: What inspired/ motivated you to loc your hair?
LW: I locked my hair 5 days after graduating from university. It was about 3 years ago now. At that time in my life I felt like everything I had done/accomplished thus far was all according to what was the "norm" and what was expected of me, you know, going through high school, then college and finally university, so when all that was over I felt soooo freeeeeeeeeee and was ready to express myself in a different way. So, my dreadlock research began and I looked up a ton of information about it and then found the perfect person in Florida who made that dream a reality. Although dreadlocks are external, it really started what has been a beautiful 3 year journey of internal understanding about myself, the world and people around me. An important inspiration was my best friend who I met in university. He's such a free spirit, so fun-loving and after learning how to twist/neaten up his locks and getting into them every couple of months, I really enjoyed learning the process of growing and twisting, locking, maintaining etc., and I decided to get mine done.

Me: How did you initially loc your hair? What process did you use- interlock, twisting, loc extensions, free form, etc)
LW: The lady who started my locks used a combination of methods-first she sectioned my hair, back combed it all and then did a twist/interlock/palm rolling method.


Me: What is your hair regimen? (daily/weekly/monthly)
LW: I wash my locks once each week to 9 days. On a daily basis, I run my fingers through to keep them separated and on a weekly basis I try to palm roll them.

Me: How long have you been loc'd?
LW: 3 Years

Me: What are 3-5 of your favorite loc care products and how do you use them?
LW:  I don't use a lot of products on my locks. I use shampoo to wash and sometimes a little conditioner to soften them up a touch. I use an olive oil based serum/sheen type product in my roots and all the way down my locks.

Me: How often do you "groom" your new growth and how do you do so? Twisting, free form, interlock etc?
LW:  I have to groom more often and I'm up for a session of grooming VERY soon, but I would say I get them locked every 6 months or more, by interlocking.

Me: What are some of your favorite hairstyles?
LW:  I like to tie up my locks with each other to create a style that leaves some of them up and some of them down. I also keep them in a bun style quite often, high up on my head which is comfy, as they are heavy at times.

Me: Do you know how many locs you have?
LW: 54

Me: What type of feedback have you received about your locs and how has it affected your lifestyle?
LW: Positive feedback on the whole. Most people tell me they look "cool" or unique and most people are interested in how they were done and how someone with such naturally straight hair could have locks. A lot of people are just plain curious and it doesn't bother me at all. I've had some pretty fun conversations with people over the past 3 years because people approach me randomly and begin questions about my locks. Someone even asked me if I wash them with cow sh*t! I was sooo shocked and had to ask him if he thought that anything could be cleaned with cow dung. Of course not! It's funny though. I have to be understanding of the myths and ideas that people have about dreadlocks, most of them being a little far fetched!

In terms of how having locks has affected my life, I would say that since the beginning of time, man kind has a tendency to judge one before knowing them based on their looks. Thankfully,  as time goes on, I am able to decipher people who are accepting of differences in other people, which people aren't, which ones are quick to jump to conclusions and which ones aren't. It really takes all kinds of people to make the world turn. None of this has affected me negatively because I love my locks and made the best decision of my life to get them. I guess it's kind of difficult to fully describe how my life has been affected, but I would without a doubt say that it has all been extremely positive and I couldn't be happier!

Me:  What is your least favorite thing about your loc'd hair?
LW: Nothing. Honestly, I love my locks and would be lying if I told you I had a least favourite thing about them :)

Me: What single piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to loc their hair?
LW: Make sure you find the "right" person who knows how to handle your hair. There isn't anything worse than having the locks not done well or thow you want them to be. 

Me: Are you a member of any loc community groups? If so, which one(s)? How has it helped you?
LW: I am not a member of any loc community group.

Until next time.....blessed love!


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