Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I didn't win the competitions.... :(

Ok guys, so I didn't win the Makeup Geek's Weekly Challenge where we had to create a makeup look using ONLY blush. I thought I did great and although I didn't win, it was a challenge because I would have never thought of creating a makeup look using only blush. It was awesome.

I didn't win the competition but hey, it's a challenge, it teaches you great things, it forces you to be creative and step out of your comfort zone and that's what am all about so am going to keep bringing the pressure to the other competitors but at the same time, make it fun!!!

If you go to you'll see the winners. It's always great to get feedback so tell me what you think.

I also didn't win the Breast Cancer Awareness makeup competition that Jacqueline of A Brilliant Brunette hosted. Again, I thought I submitted a GREAT makeup look but didn't win. It's all good. I'll keep entering.... this was my submission for that competition

Here's the winner for that competition.


Bellethiel Belle said...

honestly, i think your post+pink pictures is MUCH BETTER! (that the post that won)

Sabriam - said...

ok, I am a sucker for glitter, so I can see the gold glitter streaks winning the first. But the breast cancer contest - I don't understand that winner at all! I thought yours (esp with the gems) were much better than those! *sigh* I just don't get votes, makes no sense.

camille said...

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