Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blueberries that sparkle??

If am not creating makeup looks, am singing and if am not singing, am painting. I am a contemporary abstract artist and usually it's pretty easy for me to come up with names for my paintings but for some reason or the other, trying to name my different makeup looks is a struggle hence the uncertainty of this look's name. Blueberries that sparkle?? What is that? Either way, this is just a really super easy smokey eye look using navy blue and silver eye shadow.

The festive season is quickly approaching and metallic, shimmery eyes are definitely in for the season. This is my first of many more festive, Christmasy looks to come.
I think this look works for Christmas parties whether it be a staff party or a house party. It even works for clubbing. What do you think?

See the video tutorial for this look on my YouTube Channel:

Two Faces Shadow Insurance primer
Lime Crime- Medusa Magic Dust e/s
Lime Crime- Mirror Mirror Magic Dust e/s
Sin e/s as highlighter- Urban Decay
MUFE #10 Liner
Urban Decay Perversion Liquid Liner

NYX Jupiter lipstick

MAC NC50 Studio Tech Foundation
MAC Refined Golden Bronze Powder


MAC Breezy blush


ze German: Maria said...

love the hair and makeup! hope you know that limecrime is only repackaging the products they buy selling them at a higher price. go for products by tkb trading. xxx

Francois Jobin said...

nice hair !

Anonymous said...

i love it babe:) good that i stumble at yr blog. recently i purchased eyeshadows for my SIL for her xmas presents.check it out if you have not heard of coastal scents. cheers.

oldwithoutmold said...

Beautiful job! I wish my friend could get out and get a makeover! She does so much for others but has been housebound for years! I am asking as many fellow bloggers as possible to read this and if so moved sign it!

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