Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Beauty Myths

Myth #1: The razor blade/ blade makes the hair more darker and more thicker.

If this thing is true probably everyone would shave their heads, from men to women and children. It is true what it is said about wax: makes the hair softer and its growth more slow, but the fact that the blade makes the hair darker and thicker is just a myth!

Myth #2: The eye shadow must have the same colour with your eyes.
There is nothing wrong with the above sentence, until we use the word “must”. You may use a shade close to the colour of your eyes, but the thing you will get will be a natural make up, to say so, because your eyes will not stand out. If you want a deep make up, which will accentuate your eye colour; you must use a large variety of colours.A black eye shadow (smokey eyes make up) works perfectly with blue eyes, a green or a red one emphasize green eyes.

Myth #3: Damaged hair may be fixed
Yes! With scissors! Once that the hair is damaged, no beauty product will make miracles! Therefore, do not believe the promises made by miraculous shampoos and go to cut a little bit your top hair every time they “go crazy”.

Myth #4: Chocolate and fried food causes acne
It is definitely true that this kind of food is not recommended for a healthy diet, but this does not mean that they cause acne. The only relation between this products and complexion is, if you eat a large quantity of this kind of food, you complexion may become oily.

Myth #5: Toothpaste heals pimples
This crazy thing that the toothpaste heals pimples started when Cindy Crawford declared that she uses this solution when she wants to get rid of pimples, especially before a photo shoot. The truth is that the toothpaste dries up pimples but in the same time may dry and irritate the sensitive skin.


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