Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sapphire Nights

Today's look is a dark/ navy blue with lime green.

As of late, I've had ALOT on my mind and so I've been a it less bubbly than I usually am. Of course, people have many different ways in which they express what's going on inside of them and I've been "painting" my face alot but with dark colors. I guess dark colors are also perfect for the fall/winter.

I live in the bright, beautiful and sunny Caribbean so I really don't experience winter per se but hey, nothing's wrong with wearing the fall/ winter colors right?

Well this was my look for the day.

Tell me what you think!

Two-Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Beige-ing Shadestick
NYX Summer Green e/s
Jesse's Girl green shimmer eye dust
Urban Decay Adore e/s
MAC Blue Flame e/s
Nameless dark brown shadow
MAC NC50 Studio Tech foundation
MAC Refined Deeper Bronze powder
NYX Jupiter lipstick
MAC Spirited Lipglass


Anonymous said...

i like it. i saw one on youtube but hers was bit complicated while yours is less of a hassle. hm. now u inspired me for my next year halloween facelift. hahaha.

Tasha Sales said...

wow i love it your really good at doing your make-up and it looks really nice and who says you cant use fall colours in the carribean!!

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