Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My hair...

Hey beauties.....

Today I'm doing a quick post on my hair. Yes, my hair! This is the first post as such but I felt the need to do it because I'm constantly being asked if my hair is real. Well yes it is.. I have dread locks and I enjoy it alot. I have been growing my hair for 5 1/2 years.
Ever since I was a child growing up, I always admired dreadlocks and wanted to have my hair done the same. My father also has dreadlocks. (It's pretty hard to see from this photo but yup, he has dreadlocks)

I am a HUGE fan of natural hair. I believe that we were born with the right texture hair for each of us whether it's straight as an arrow or curly like spaghetti. I firmly believe that we were created uniquely and we got everything that we were supposed to get.
Anyway, I've taken a picture showing the actual length of my hair and here are a few frequently asked questions that I usually receive about my hair;

1- How do you wash your hair?
The only difference between my hair and "other" hair is that my hair is matted together to create the "locking" effect. It CANNOT be undone. Regardless of what others say and try, if you try to undo dreadlocks that have been locked, you will lose more hair than what is actually locked. The only way to "undo" dreadloks is to CUT IT. So to answer the question of how I go about washing my hair, I wash it like normal hair- wet, shampoo, lather, scrub, rinse, dry

2- How does it grow that long?
Well I'm not dead so my hair will grow. If I'm not mistaken, the hair continues to grow even when a person is dead. It justs grows and grows and grows and when it gets to a point where I cannot handle it, I will cut it.
3- How do you color your hair?
It's colored just like any other hair type/ texture. Initially I had to bleach the sections of my hair that I wanted colored then apply the hair color (you know the process).

4-Is that your real hair?
YES IT IS!!!!!

5- How do you curl your hair?
I curl my hair on spiral rods which takes forever but nothing else works and not to mention drying time (4hrs under the dryer. Aaaagghhhh)
6- Will you cut it?
Again, when it gets to a point where it's becoming a bother, I will cut it.
7- How is it maintained?
I personally have my hair interlocked every month. Others with dreadlocks may either palm roll or twist the root of the hair to lock in new growth. I've tried all forms of locking my hair but only the interlocking works. The other unravel too quickly. That's just MY personal opinion and preference.
To moisterize my hair, I use Softee Comb-Thru Softener. That stuff is awesome and it smells GREAT.
Ever so often, I'll heat/ steam treat my hair with the raw Jamaican Castor Oil. Steam treating natural hair works great because it locks in moisture and keep the hair from drying out quickly and becoming brittle which eventually leads to breakage. Yes, natural hair breaks too. Sometimes (when I'm in the mood), I'll blend the raw Aloe Vera with the Castor Oil and treat my hair. Nothing beats natural products.
There are alot of great websites on the net about natural hair and more so, dreadlocks. I'm very happy to be nappy. I embrace every facet of my naturalness.


rmcandlelight said...

I am so glad to find another makeup blogger with locks. I have sisterlocks and I thought yours were sisterlocks too! Your locks are gorgeous!!! Please take a look at my locks if you like. Mine are 2 1/2 yrs...I thought my hair would never lock. Still having trouble with the nape area :)

Sharon said...

great post,love ur locks,they are beautiful and so are u hun,love the colour as well

Shades Professional Makeup said...

@rmcandlelight- I checked yours out hun. NICE!!! After 2.5 years you shouldn't have any problems with it locking. What method do you use?

@ Sharon- thanks hun and welcome to my blog!!

Tinuke said...

Love love love your hair. You are so beautiful!!!

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