Monday, August 2, 2010

Haul and Swatches- Pure Luxe Cosmetics

Hi beauties!! Today I'm going to introduce my Pure Luxe Cosmetics ( collection. For all the shimmery, sparkley, glittery, mineral eyeshadow lovers, this is the line for you.

Pure Luxe Cosmetics was found by Christina Kocher and I was made aware of it by Jangsara (, a fellow blogger. Needless to say, after seeing a few of her makeup looks and swatches, I had to try these colors for myself. I was NOT disappointed.
Pure Luxe Cosmetics is an affordable line of mineral eyeshadows, liners, lip glosses and other makeup accessories. The shadows range from $2-$15. As I said, quite affordable.
I've purchased about 20 colors and I love them all. I'm still trying to decide if I like shimmery, sparkley, metallic shadows or matte shadows. Hmmm......thinking!
My swatches definitelyy don't serve any justice to these rich colors. You really have to try them for yourself.
Glory- A completely matte dark blue. Looks like crushed velvet in a jar
Boy Toy- Deep, peacock blue with same shade flashy highlights in it.
Twisted- Bold blue (this is a liner powder. Apply wet and it will POP)
Shameless-A tropical blue with green interference (GORGEOUS COLOR)
Oasis- Bright, summery turquoise. Color changes from metallic, blue/green/ pearl biege/ silver

Pandora- Deep green. Metallic finish
Blue Jeans- Medium blue with a brighter blue highlight
Utopia- Deep amethyst with charcoal base. Pink/purple interference
Love- Dark, dusty rose with light pink interference and red/pink shimmers.
Seduction- Shimmery burgundy with pink highlights. Works well as a beautiful blusher.
Jezebel- Dusty rose base with blue/ violet interference
Femme Fatal- Beautiful pink/ salmon with pink shimmer
Beauty Queen- SUPER sparkle peach/pink. Sheer base color.
Molten-True red shade. Deep red with brighter red highlights
Risque- Warm red/ brown
Ouch- A candy red with pinkish tone
Ravishing- Medium biege with very pearl finish.
Faceted- Dark taupe/ purple. Changes from red/copper/gold
Dusk- Soft dove grey. Completely matte

Kinky- Very rich, medium green with yellow/gold highlight (another GORGEOUS, RICH color)
Tart- Very rich light green with lemony highlights


Tinuke said...

Wow, the colors are so vibrant

Sharon said...

the colours r so bright and beautiful..thanx for sharing hun

CopyCat said...

nice colors I just ordered the one that are defined under bubble gum colors

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