Sunday, May 8, 2011

A bridal boo boo turns into bliss........

Hi beauties, I know that's it has been a while since I've blogged something and it is not that I have forgotten about you but I am actually pursuing a Master's Degree and I also switched jobs (a promotion) so needless to say, life has been mad busy. In the midst of failing horribly to find balance, I had to do bridal makeup yesterday (Saturday, May 7, 2011). Seeing that I hadn't done any work lately, I considered this an opportunity to remind myself that I needed to still find balance in my crazy life.

This bride, who is actually a second or third cousin of mine had a Moroccan themed wedding with turquoise and yellow for the wedding and burgundy and orange for the reception. It was a beautiful, scenic, quaint and simple beach wedding. Yesterday was also our annual carnival Batabanoo (Google it and check it out) so the traffic was insanely crazy. Thankfully I left home early enough to make it to the bride's location on time.

Upon arriving on location, the bride was still in the midst of having her hair done so I thought I'd help (after setting up my makeup of course). The hair went well then it was time to start makeup until..................................................................oops!!!! I left my makeup brushes at home and couldn't go back to get them. Can we say EMBARRASSED, upset and frantic?!?!?!?!?! I was flipping out but had to maintain composure and tap in to plan B quickly! I've heard many times before that your fingers are the best tools so guess what I did??? Used um!!!! Yes, I used my fingers to apply a full face of bridal makeup. There's a first time for everything right? This was a true test of my training and creativity......

By the way, ALL of the pictures were taken with my cellphone....

Bridal trial picture

Bridal trial pictures

The GORGEOUS bride

Glowing bride

Bride's dad walking her out & sister holding her train

Beautiful bride and her prince :)

View from the bride's room

GORGEOUS wedding cake in the fridge. Hahaha!


Ms. Viva Glam said...

She looks lovely! Her makeup looks natural and radiant. Good job!

Shades Professional Makeup said...

Thanks ms. Viva Glam. I was stressed out because I left my brushes at home but was too happy about how everything turned out!

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