Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hallo Deutschland!!

Apart from shopping and eating, travelling is my next favourite thing to do. I have a 'bucket list' of places to visit and I am slowly but surely making my way down that list. Come to think of it, I may never actually get to the end of the list because I keep adding places to it :)

At any rate, May's travels took me to the Big D, Deutschland and specifically Nuremberg, Heidelberg and Frankfurt, Germany. I had all intentions of going to Munich but never made it there.

If you know nothing about Europe apart from it being cold for many months of the year, it is rich in history and has amazing architecture. The old buildings are mind blowing masterpieces and the greenery (landscape) is breath-taking.

I have been to few other European countries like Switzerland, England, Ireland, Milan (Italy) and I intend to visit a few others. Next European country up on the list is........Greece!

Enjoy a few pics from my trip!

Chef Will at Sushi Glas in Nuremberg

Standing in front of the EU Currency symbol outside of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt

Mind blowing, hand crafted ceiling work in one of the hall ways at the Schloss, Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg

Another amazing ceiling

Handcrafted door

Second largest wine barrel in the world- Heidelberg Castle Wine Cellar

Kettensteg Bridge in Nuremberg

Entry archway of the Women's Church in Nuremberg


Unknown said...

I loved Germany, I was a flight attendant for 25+yrs and traveled all around the world. It's nice seeing other women of color enjoying traveling around the world. You should join the "Black Girls Travel" club, they have a website online just google them.

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