Sunday, June 23, 2013

MY STYLE: A Classic Remix

Happy Sunday lovelies:

Just a quick post to share what I wore to church today. It is somewhat expected that when wearing black and white, the combination is paired with red but I didn't want this outfit to be a cliche. 

Maybe in the future I will pair the skirt with a red top but for today, I remixed this classic combination with yellow.

What are your thoughts about black, white and yellow?

Get the look:
Blazer- Here
Tank- Here
Skirt- Here, Here and even Here
Heels- Here
Bag- Got mine from a local boutique but try this


Unknown said...

You look really pretty and summery, but I like the bag and you forgot to tell us where it's from!

Chic Therapy said...

You are very pretty.

Anonymous said...

The yellow,black and white pops just as well as the two with the classic red combination. The white on both sides of the skirt balances the jacket, bringing all three colors together, a beautiful Mixed Masala.

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