Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MY STYLE: Blue Aztec Jumpsuit......revealing Look 4

D-day is finally here! No I'm not getting married or anything (hmmph!). Today is the day that I reveal look 4 of my '4 ways to style a jumpsuit'. In my previous posts, I showed you how I styled the jumpsuit firstly in its original form, secondly, leaving the top half of the jumpsuit exposed and covering the bottom half with a maxi skirt, thirdly, by exposing the bottom half of the jumpsuit and pairing it with a peplum top and finally.....well, I'm still leaving the bottom half exposed as a pair of trousers but pairing it with a blazer.

Usually there would be an overload of photos but by the time I got to this outfit, Photo Man was tired and grumpy. You know how men can be ;)

Again, I chose to style this final look by throwing on a cropped, collarless off-white blazer so that the focus would remain on the print of the bottom half of the jumpsuit.

So there you have it! 4 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit. Come to think of it, I could've made this 5 ways. Maybe next time.

I really hope that you enjoyed this series of styling one piece in different ways. I will definitely be sharing more of my multi-way styling series with you, and hope that you become inspired enough to try some of these outfits or even create your own.



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