Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 2- Style Bloggers of Color 2013 Conference

Hi lovies:

I'm almost at the end of my SBOC 2013 posts *boohoo*. Please allow me to reminisce about that event a little longer. I know that I've been raving about the event but honestly, for more than one reason, I really needed to attend an event like the SBOC Conference.

Day 2 of the conference was focused more on panels and Q&A sessions, whereas day 1 was more about informational presentations and group discussions.

Honestly, as much as the presentations, group discussions etc. were all engaging and informative, I really just wanted to network and take pictures. Hee hee! 

I want to say that I enjoyed day 2 more than I did day 1. Well, maybe that's because I literally didn't attend any of the sessions on day 2 but ensured that I networked a bit more, took tons of photos, hung out with my bestie who flew in to support me for the event (I love you doll!) and of course, hit up Lincoln Street for some retail therapy *wink*.

Photo: Nife of the Skinny Hipster & I

Natalie of The Tiny Closet. She is so cute!!

My bestie! Isn't she gorgeous?!

Nife is so full of life. I loved our pictures together

Isn't Natalie cuter than a button? She is adorable and has such an adorable personality and smile.

Thanks to my bestie and Natalie for capturing these awesome shots!


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