Sunday, October 27, 2013

MY STYLE: Pop of Pink

Everything in life has a rule applied to it including fashion, but I firmly believe that some rules are made to be broken or completely thrown out of the door. I agree that not everything that is made is meant to be worn by everyone but who says that skinny people can't wear full black? 

I have been completely obsessed with flared, full skirts lately. I want to say that Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific is responsible for re-igniting the flame of love for these beauties. She styles her flared skirts beautifully.

 Once again, this skirt was meant to be one that I made but halfway through sewing it, I rang my seamstress in a tizzy and she came to the rescue. *whew*. When I saw this fabric in her store, I just knew that I had a make a full, midi flared skirt out of it and one that would be on repeat. I think I may even get a dress out of it too.

How perfect is the pop of pink to break up this full black ensemble?

Photos by SS

Top- Old (I like this one too) | Skirt- Tailor made | Shoes- Qupid Tatum| Clutch- Old (I love this)


Takei Inspired said...

Lovely! I need to have my own seamstress

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