Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dreams Do Come 'True'- Allure Fashion Weekend 2015

Making it happen, it’s just something you gotta do- Auliq Ice
 I am ECSTATIC to introduce, #OliviaBDesigns to you and the rest of the world. Dreams really do come true and all you have to do is something, anything--just make it happen. 
For years and years I've envisioned myself with a label, an internationally recognized and respected label, but how was that going to happen if all I did was envision it and not do something about that dream?

Allure Fashion Weekend, a LimeLite Entertainment Production created a platform, THE platform I needed to showcase my designs to the island and the rest of the world. Was I nervous? YES! Was I unsure? YES! Was I hesitant? YES! Was it that I wasn't confident in my creative abilities? No, I was nervous, unsure and hesitant because I was going 'up against' other established designers; designers who had already shown their work on international stages around the globe. 
Were there hiccups in my designs? YES! Was everything last minute? YES! Was I filled with every type of mixed emotion there was? YES! Was I fearful? YES, but the only way that I would overcome these feelings was by going, by doing, by leaping....and I did! Despite all of the uncertainty, I took a huge leap of faith and jumped on the opportunity to showcase myself and my designs to the world. Was it rewarding?? Oh heck YES!!
Self-confidence and self-courage are your greatest strengths- Lailah Gifty Akita
Fashion Weekend kicked off on Saturday, 7 November 2015 on the roof-top of one of Cayman's luxury beach resorts- the Grand Cayman Beach Suites and was hosted by actor and model, Tyson Beckford and local model and TV personality Monica Walton. The runway show featured international designers including BCBG MAXAZARIA, Yumi Katsura, Trefle Designs, Carlton Jones Collections, Planet Zero and local designers YNC, Isy B. and me, Olivia B.

The positive feedback from everyone has been overwhelming, so much that I'm still receiving compliments and even orders for my pieces. How crazy is that?  I'm still in disbelief that this happened.

For anyone to believe in you, first you have to believe in yourself. Failure is only failure if you do not try.

Did you like any of these pieces? Which one(s) was your favourite?
Allure Fashion Weekend showcases up-and-coming designers along with seasoned individuals, ready and raring to gain international exposure. The mission at Allure Cayman is to celebrate, showcase and inspire international and local style minds, whilst highlighting Cayman as an emerging fashion capital. #AllureCayman is about changing the landscape of fashion in the Caribbean. (Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook)

Photography by:
Kenroy Lumsden

Makeup & Hair by:
Makeup- Me- Olivia B


Shameka Clarke said...

Dreams do come true! It is amazing to see you blossom. Your works are flawless and full of life. Keep up the phenomenal work. Looking forward to seeing more of you amongst the greats.

Shades Professional Makeup said...

Thank you sooooo much for your never ending support. X

Carol Britton said...

Wow. I still can't get over it. So glad that you took the leap of faith. Soooooo, I see that you are getting orders. I want to put an order in as well.

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