Sunday, November 4, 2012

MY STYLE: Keeping it roots

Happy Sunday beauties:
Hope you're having a pleasant weekend so far and enjoying what's left of it. My weekend was more eventful than it usually is. Hung out with a co-worker on Friday night, Saturday I had one makeup client and today, well, I'm supposed to be in a photoshoot for a 2013 calendar. Will keep you posted on that.
The title for this post pretty much sums up my look. I love wrapping my hair but I hardly ever get the chance to do it because I can't wrap it and go to hoo. In my opinion, wrapping locs just gives you a completely different look. A head wrap as a simple accessory can change an entire look.

The weather has been nothing short of pefect lately and so I wanted to kick-start the island 'winter' by wearing this beautiful off-the-shoulder sweater I bought from Victoria Secret many moons ago. I paired it with another old piece- my go to, dark blue, wide leg jeans, threw on my oversized wooden earrings and a jumbo, beaded necklace and was out the door.
Sweater- Option 1 (on sale) | Option 2
Jeans- Option 1 (on sale) | Option 2 (on sale- love these) | Option 3 (love the price)
Beaded Necklace- Option


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