Sunday, July 21, 2013

MY STYLE: Colour burst

By now, you should know that I absolutely love dressing up to go to church. I strongly believe that if we put so much effort into dressing up to go out, we should do the same for church but modestly of course. 

I LOVE big, puffy, flared skirts. They are the epitome of a girlie girl which I btw am not, but sometimes, I don't mind looking and feeling like one. When I popped into my local fabric store and saw this print, instantly I thought, Spring/ Summer flared skirt so that is exactly what happened. The colours are so bold and Summery. I love it!

Colours, like features,
                              follow the changes of emotions
                      - Pablo Picasso

H&M Blazer | VS Tank | Tailor-made Skirt | Anne Michelle Heels


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